LORIS. Handmade Knitwear Melbourne.

LORIS is part knitwear label, part one-(wo)man show – where every one-of-a-kind design is knitted by hand from my living room. I was taught to knit by my mother, LORIS, who had more creative hobbies than she could count. I started out making clothes for my dolls, then later for myself, my friends and my kids. After so many years of sewing and knitting, I wanted to challenge myself by pursuing something a little more experimental.

There is something incredibly special about wearing handmade clothes, and I think that should be celebrated. The label’s goal is to invoke feelings of being loved and taken care of in order to inspire a sense of confidence. By offering made-to-order pieces as well as an ever-changing core range, I’ve been able to maintain this sense of intimacy and craftsmanship with Loris customers. When you buy from LORIS, you always know exactly where your clothing comes from and who put in the hard yards to make it for you.

My process always begins with colour. From an ever-growing collection of wool, cotton and other yarns, I pick a colour palette or solid colour. I throw the balls in my favourite basket, and from there not even I know how a design will turn out. Sitting in front of a crime show with my dog and a cup of tea, I make decisions about stitches and colour placement as I go. This means that no two LORIS garments will ever be the same, and I get to constantly try new things!